Once Upon a Bookcase Founder

Michelle Wolett is the designer and owner of Chick Lit Designs.  Known for her instantly recognizable designer Book Phone cases, made to look like actual books.  Michelle runs her business from her home studio in the Suburbs of Gilbert, Arizona.  Michelle decided to create a Book Phone case of the month subscription box after finding that many women spend hours trying to decide on which of the phone cases they want.  After all, asking someone to choose their favorite book is like asking someone to pick a favorite child!   So, Once Upon a BookCases was born!  Because she's able to sell the phone cases in bulk, she can now also include extra themed gifts and offer the box at a discounted price.  And now you don't have to worry about choosing your favorite BookCase!  When finished, the customer receives a nostalgic piece of art, combining fashion with Literature and Technology.  The BookCases are such an amazing fashion statement- bridging the gap between "Brains and Beauty".

Inspired every day by vintage items, books stores, colors and patterns, Michelle can't wait to design her upcoming collection.

Phone cases can be purchased individually at www.chicklitdesigns.com

Contact  us anytime at [email protected]